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Download PUBG: NEW STATE Mobile 2021

Download PUBG: NEW STATE Mobile 2021 The field of PUBG has finally been expanded and the new iOS and Android game has been confirmed. It will be called PUBG: New State. This will be a standalone game and it is the largest update to the original Battle Royale mode of PUBG.

1 - Everything you know about PUBG: New State

PUBG: NEW STATE in 2051 long after theش current time for PUBG (roughly the modern era) according to early images its atmosphere is similar to that of Call of Duty and it is another semi-futuristic shooting game that will explore the legend of the world of PUBG in more depth that was not An important part of the game.

From the perspective of the game, the first map of the game will be called Troi and it will include many future weapons and vehicles such as drones, battle shields, turrets, and many interactive things besides that, players will be able to customize their weapons during the game to radically change their functions based on what has been revealed, the mechanism will be similar to accessories Apex Legends weapon.

Players can use custom toolkits to create all kinds of weapons themselves in some cases they can improve rifle performance, choose firing modes, and even fire grenade launchers.

PUBG game development: NEW STATE Mobile

Unlike the relationship between PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile, New State will be a completely independent game developed by the main PUBG Studio, which is the company behind the original PUBG and not Tencent like PUBG Mobile. This guarantees the release of the game in the Indian market without any problems because it has nothing to do with China.

Download the new PUBG: NEW State game for Android

PUBG New State will be launched on Android later in 2021 and alpha testing will be conducted later this year. Players who pre-order the game will get a limited edition of the car's appearance.