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Top 15 essential weapon settings to win in PUBG mobile

Top 15 essential weapon settings to win in PUBG mobile

Top 15 essential weapon settings to win in PUBG mobile The following are the top invincible weapon settings that can be won in PUBG Mobile. Check them out and get chicken dinner in this game.

The best weapon settings in PUBG mobile

These crazy weapon settings allow you to master all weapons and play like a professional player.

. SKS: The best accessories for this DMR include: lamp handle, compensator or suppressor, quick-pull extension magnet, cheek pad and 6x lens.

. The Beryl M762 should have a vertical grip, a compensator, an extension magnet that can be pulled out quickly, and a red dot for short-range bullet ejection. You can switch to 3 times range for medium distance spraying.

. G36C: The best accessories for G36C are compensator, half grip, quick-pull extension magnet and red dot. The half-grip helps reduce the vertical and horizontal recoil of the AR.

. The M416 should be equipped with a compensator, a vertical grip, a quick-pull magazine and a tactical stock. You can use red dots in close combat and 6x scopes in mid-range combat.

. Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle): This pistol should have a holographic appearance. You can only use it as a secondary weapon.

. Groza can only be connected with suppressors. This makes this rare AR untraceable.

. AWM is the rarest bolt action sniper in PUBG Mobile. You need a suppressor, a cheek pad and a quickdraw extension magnet for SR. In addition, 6x and 8x oscilloscopes are the best choices for this king sniper.

. MP5K: This exclusive SMG requires a vertical grip, tactical butt, red dot, quickdraw expansion magazine and suppressor for SMG. You don't need to use a compensator, because MP5K is stable and stable.

. Kar98K: The suppressor is the best muzzle for this sniper. The bullet loop is also very important for this SR.

. Vector is also a stable SMG. It requires tactical inventory, suppressors, and expanded magazines that can be drawn out quickly The vertical grip is the most recommended grip for this SMG.

. SCAR-L: Professional players often use red dots to spray the AR. In addition, the angled grip is also a favorite choice for many players. In addition, the compensator will make the gun more stable.

. MK47 Mutant: Not many players like to use this weapon because they don't know how to equip it. You should use suppressors, light grips and tactical weapons to make them reach their best condition.

. The Mini-14 will need a suppressor because it is still stable without a compensator.

. AUG A3 is one of the most popular AR in PUBG Mobile. You should equip this gun with half the grip.

. Mk14 is the most powerful weapon with the highest DPS. We can use it as AR or DMR. If you want to use it as AR in close combat, use the red dot to aim and spray. If you want to click and launch, please use the 6x scope-the most versatile scope in this game. The compensator is the best muzzle for close combat, and the suppressor is an ideal accessory for mid-range combat.