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Call of Duty The best ghost secondary weapons ranking

Call of Duty The best ghost secondary weapons ranking

Call of Duty The best ghost secondary weapons ranking In Warzone Ghost may be a very valuable tool If you plan to cheer up, here are some solid auxiliary weapons Warzone players have two options when they receive the first add-on. You can get the ghost in first grade or wait for the free add-on. With the right assistance, players can wait for the free charge to drop to get SMG or Sniper. Over the past few seasons, Snakeshots, Double Renettis (Renettis) and Double Diamattis have all gotten neurotic, and players are looking for new viable auxiliary weapons.

In the early stages of the game, using the player's first charge to preserve the ghost is an incredible perk. Players with sweaty players will get armor and unmanned aerial vehicles ASAP and start showing red countries on the map. Players in war zones should feel confident at the start of the game to use the weapons at the bottom of this list.


M79 is a player head weapon, players cannot use it in competitive matches. The launcher will disable enemy vehicles with one hit, but will not blow them up. For players who like to use the launcher as an auxiliary device, RPG is a better choice.


The damage in 1911 was not great, and the visual recoil was quite large. The pistol is not as strong as the Magnum or .50 GS, and not as accurate as the following pistols. Players should stay away from being in Warzone in 1911.


The .357 pistol has high damage, but it is difficult to use, and the recoil is also very complicated. Players can try to use the gun in the two-handed akimbo type, but considering that it is used in Warzone after the snake shoots the nerf, this is too inconsistent.


The recoil of the Cold War Magnum was smaller than that of .357, but the weapon's iron sight was poor and the rate of fire was slow, so it was hit. Magnum also has hit detection issues. Players who want to shoot the pistol twice are best to use .50 GS.