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Call Of Duty Warzone: Ranking the Best Snipers After The Cold War Integration

Call Of Duty Warzone: Ranking the Best Snipers After The Cold War Integration

Call Of Duty Warzone: Ranking the Best Snipers After The Cold War Integration The Cold War added some sniper rifles for players to use in the theater of Call of Duty. This is the best part since the integration.

At the beginning of the establishment of Warzone, Verdansk was full of thermal dual-power oscilloscopes and HDR. Since then, the thermal sniper optical system has been troubled by nerves, and players have transitioned to a faster and more functional load. In Season 1, few players used AX-50 or HDR in Warzone.

The era of 500-meter sniper warfare has passed, and the best snipers currently enable players to be faster and more agile. The Cold War brought players three other snipers for testing, two of which were actually super weapons. Players who like to destroy an enemy with one shot should use the weapons at the bottom of this list.

Rytec AMR

Rytec is a low-level sniper because of its high recoil and slow control. Explosive bombs may be fun, but not very practical against opponents or vehicles. Players can use this weapon for excellent games, but some snipers are easier to use.


M82 is feasible, but other Cold War snipers are better in the current version. Sniper is similar to HDR and AX-50 in many ways. Modern weapons of war have better attachments and better vision, so using HDR or AX-50 can make players better


There is no doubt that Dragonov is one of the worst snipers in the Call of Duty series. Dragunov had a terrible launch, but gained a buff two seasons ago, and most players still don't use it Many players avoid using this gun because it requires two headshots to penetrate enemies full of armor. For players who want to use guns like DMR, Dragonov is a good choice.


The AX-50 is still a good weapon for long-range use, but its slight drop of bullets and slow aiming speed make it a bit worse than the sniper below. Since the AX-50 has a faster rate of fire than HDR, it is considered the best sniper in the first few seasons of Warzone. The nerve nerf of the double heat forces the player to stay away from the bulky long-range sniper.