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Download PUBG Mobile 2.0 2021

Download PUBG Mobile 2.0 2021

Download PUBG Mobile 2.0 2021 The game, PUBG, has currently launched a new game called “PUBG: NEW STATE”. Since we all know how popular the original Peggy game has become in recent years since its first launch. Based on this wide popularity, the game developer cooperated with KRAFTON to present us with a new game from the games of PUBG, which is the game of Peggy the new state. It is considered an extension of the new game of PUBG at the same time. Where you can consider it to be a version of PUBG Mobile 2.0. And you can now do a pre-registration on the new state's PUBG. With it, you will win a new look for the vehicle you ride, and this look will last with you throughout the game you play on PUBG.

Currently, Crafton owns the ownership rights to the game. While Tencent owns shares of the original Peggy game, the company that developed it. Kraffton, a South Korean company, is under the PUBG Studio trademark. It is the company that fully developed PUBG Mobile New State.

The new PUBG MOBILE game is based on the basic idea on which the original PUBG MOBILE game was built. Based on the opinions of users on the App Store, most of them decided that the new PUBG MOBILE game is more realistic in terms of the game method, guns, vehicles, and some new tools that have been added to the game. Where you will experience through this game a realistic experience of the battle hero game on different battlefields from those you are used to in the original game. You can watch the teaser for the new state PUBG Mobile game through the video below. You can also pre-subscribe to it. You can download the game in APK version when it is available.

What's new in PUBG Mobile New State?

The new state PUBG MOBILE game will be based on the same concept that the original PUBG MOBILE game is based on. The round starts here with 100 players competing on the battlefield (open ground). They compete to survive until the end of the round. The player or team remaining at the end is deemed the winner. And also the blue zone narrowing the area of ​​the game on the battlefield little by little and over time in the current round. And you have to find the weapons and vehicles that will help you to survive until the end of the round. But now you are playing PUBG MOBILE 2.0.

What is more, the game will provide you with greater realism and clearer than what you know about PUBG in terms of its graphics. And in terms of dynamism in moving the characters and using weapons. It also allows you to use a lot of tools and elements. For example, drones and combat rolls that reduce the possibility of injury, and many other gadgets.

The game takes place in a brief context of its own, as it revolves in the near future, specifically in the year 2051. Chaos governs the state in which you are fighting. The players consist of different factions fighting each other. This is what impressed the battlefield in terms of its major development. This made players forced to learn some combat tactics to deal with new technologies in the game, which are appropriate for future events related to it.

Download the new PUBG MOBILE game (APK & OBB) file

The game is now available for pre-registration on Google Play. It will soon be available for pre-registration on the App Store as well. It remains unclear whether the game will be available for free or whether it will be paid. To download it to Android, click on the following link.

PUBG Mobile New State