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Free Fire OB26 update: all you need to know

Free Fire OB26 update: all you need to know

Free Fire OB26 update: all you need to know The Free Fire OB26 update is coming soon, and players are excited about the new features, events and functions it will bring In Garena's social media posts, the company announced the timing of the maintenance interruption, and players can expect that the update will be rolled out soon after the interruptionThis article shares what gamers need to know about Free Fire’s latest OB26 update.

Free Fire OB26 update: release time and date

The Free Fire OB26 update is scheduled to be released on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today (ie, February 4th, 1 pm) (US Standard Time). However, players can only enter the game after the maintenance break is over, that is, 6:30 PM (IST).

Free Fire OB26 update file new features and storage size

Expected file size

For Android and iOS platforms, the size of the Free Fire OB26 update is expected to be approximately 400-500 MB and 600-700 MB, respectively. After downloading the update, users will also be rewarded when updating and logging in within the specified time frame.

New features

The latest update will release a large number of new features. The following is a complete list of all the features that players may see after the update:

. The training ground updates the new structure and design of the training ground, as well as more locations, backgrounds and larger dimensions. Brand new full-size track. The target range has also been updated to provide more visual feedback. The new eSports Hall of Fame next to the social area

. New Shot Gun MAG-7

. New partner system: partner count

. Weapon balance

. War chest

. Conflict Squad Mode: More weapon options, bigger weapon arsenal

New role: Shirou

In addition to all these features, exclusive events will gradually be integrated into the game. After the maintenance period ends, users can enjoy all these features.