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Free Fire Top 5 Best Characters In Clash Squad Mode In February (OB26) Update

Free Fire Top 5 Best Characters In Clash Squad Mode In February (OB26) Update

Free Fire Top 5 Best Characters In Clash Squad Mode In February (OB26) Update Garena recently launched the OB26 update in Free Fire, which is the new season of Clash Squad. The Conflict Squad is one of the two most popular modes in "Free Shooting". This mode even has its own ranking mode.

One of the most important factors to improve your ranking in "Clash Squad" mode is to have the right character. In this article, we will list the most powerful characters in "Free Shooting" for use in "Conflict Squad" mode

Top 5 Best Character In Clash Squad Mode In February update


There is no doubt that the chronograph is the best character in any mode by virtue of its ability. His shield can block up to 600 damage from all directions, and he can still shoot people from inside the shield. Almost no one can fight this skill, and other players have no choice but to hide and wait for the shield to disappear.


Although there are many powerful characters in Free Fire now, Alok is still one of the best. His technique "beat rhythm" increases the player's heavy blow and movement speed by 10 seconds, which is the perfect technique for the stormtrooper to chase the target.


In the OB26 update, K carried out a secret update, and his skill cooldown was shortened to 3 seconds. Now he can switch between the 2 modes more frequently and maintain a higher EP level. With crazy resilience, K is a character that allows you to get good lethality and fight constantly.


For those who have played Shirou in the Advanced server, they know how powerful this character is. After being shot, he will mark the shooter within 8 seconds and 100% armor penetration in the next attack. So even if your opponent has level 4 armor, it doesn't matter. You can use a bullet gun to cause all damage to the enemy, or even shoot with one shot.


Alvaro is gradually being used as a counter for Chrono by more players. Alvaro's abilities increase his explosive damage and AOE, including grenade, grenade launcher. With the extensive use of M79 Launcher and the release of the pet Beaston, Alvaro is a character worth considering.