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MAG-7 and M1887: Which gun is better?

MAG-7 and M1887: Which gun is better?

MAG-7 and M1887: Which gun is better?  MAG-7 vs M1887, which gun is more powerful? Check this article to find out OB26, the Cobra project update in Free Fire brings many new features and updates. Among these new features, we have a new shotgun called MAG-7 in the game. Together with other old-style shotguns (such as M1887, M1014 and SPAS), we have a total of 4 Free Fire shotguns.

Free bullet gun is the best weapon type for Free Fire for close combat. They usually have high damage, low effective range and low rate of fire. However, MAG-7 was introduced as a medium-range weapon with a high rate of fire in the OB26 update.

Here, we will compare the new MAG-7 and the free-firing king of shotgun M1887.

MAG-7 vs M1887 statistical comparison

MAG-7 is less damaged than M1887, but has a higher rate of fire and range. Both weapons have the same reload speed, accuracy and movement speed.

The MAG-7 has a larger magazine, but the armor penetration of the M1887 is very lethal.

MAG-7 vs M1887 DPS Comparison

We have used a new virtual function in the training room to test the damage of MAG-7 and M1887 to targets with level 2 armor. As a result, M1887 completely damaged the MAG-7. However, when the target is far away, the damage of M1887 will be more serious. And since M1887 only has 2 bullets per magazine, it needs to hit the enemy with 2 bullets, otherwise they will run away.

However, MAG-7 is more consistent in both ranges. It also has a larger 8-round magazine, so even if you miss one or two shots, you have more chances to kill the enemy.