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PMJL Season 1 Japan’s largest ever PUBG mobile tournament will start on February 13

PMJL Season 1 Japan’s largest ever PUBG mobile tournament will start on February 13 When it comes to mobile games, Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and COD Mobile have become industry leaders.

These games have achieved breakthrough success, forcing people to take mobile games seriously. In the past year and a half, both the revenue and downloads of mobile games have seen unprecedented growth.

Although these titles continue to grow, their e-sports ecosystem is also booming, especially in the case of PUBG Mobile, where the prize money is increasing every time the game passes. The recently concluded PUBG Mobile Global Championship has a prize pool of up to $2 million.

The latest game to join the competition is the PUBG Mobile Japan League (PMJL). The prize pool for this event is 2.8 million US dollars (300 million yen), the largest in Japan.

The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage will start on February 13th. A total of 16 invited Japanese teams will compete for the final prize.

The team will compete with it in 24 days of league matches and play a total of 50 games in one stage. The remaining 50 games will be played in the second stage of the game.

The top 14 teams in the competition will be eligible to participate in PUBG Mobile Japan League Season 2 (PMJL: S2), and the remaining two teams will be relegated to PUBG Mobile Japan Challenge League Season 2 (PMCL: S2)

16 invited teams of PUBG Mobile Japan League

1.) AQUOS explosive purple

2.) Team Axiz

3.) BC expansion

4.) Blue Bee

5.) Cyclops athlete game

6.) Team detonator

7.) Donuts USG

8.) FOR7 Team

9.) Jupiter Team

10.) Behind the game

11.) Team refused

12.) Skars

13.) Songoku games

14.) The Sun Sisters

15.) Team unity

16.) Street players

It will be fascinating to see how the team performs under such tremendous pressure. The team that perseveres until the last moment will eventually win the championship.