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Seven essential tips for getting better in PUBG mobile


Seven essential tips for getting better in PUBG mobile

Seven essential tips for getting better in PUBG mobile PUBG Mobile is an intense and intense shooting game You need skills and tricks to get better in this game to get more chicken dinners. Check out the best seven career skills in the game below to make yourself better.

Pro tips for getting better in PUBG mobile

First, you should aim and shoot first. When two players meet, the first shot will win, and the latter reflection will be killed. You should place the crosshair on your chest so that the second bullet will be tied to the enemy’s head.

Knowing your guns and shooting mode is also important for getting better in the game. Each type of spray gun has different functions, advantages and disadvantages. For example, AKM is more powerful than M416, but it is less stable. In addition, the firing mode is also very important. For example, you must perform jets in close combat, critical strikes in mid-range combat, and single shots in long-range combat. However, not all PUBG Mobile weapons have these three shooting modes.

Having the perfect sensitivity setting is essential for better performance in PUBG Mobile. You can learn from some streamers, YouTubers and professional players.

The fourth trick is positioning, which means you need to know where to ambush or hide. Especially, this technique is very important in FPP mode where the whole body cannot be seen. Many players do not know whether they have been discovered.

In the captain mode, teammates are also essential elements. You should play with someone who has a microphone to communicate. In addition, you should maintain close contact with the team to improve team spirit.