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Who beats the other. Comparison between PUBG MOBILE and Free Fire

Who beats the other. Comparison between PUBG MOBILE and Free Fire

 There is no doubt that the difference

 between the game PUPG Mobil and Free Fire - one of the most popular games in recent times on Android phones and even computers and iPhones, PUBG game or in the English term PUPG Mobile because it is a high-quality application and requires modern phones and devices with a capable storage capacity To carry on the application. 

This game is considered the most common in Europe, the Arab Middle East and the Middle East, as it attracts a large group of young people who have become addicted to it, which is characterized by shooting or waging a battle and being able to win over the rest of the fighters by using the available equipment and weapons or using aircraft and means Other, which makes these games very popular 

Which is better, Pubg or Free Fire, in 2021

This game, as mentioned previously, has received a large percentage of turnout from all segments of the international community, which made the manufacturer develop it and still aspires to more uses and fame, this success made it so that the companies competing with the application to download an exact copy, PUPG Mobile, which is The famous FREE FIRE, which is not much different from PUBG, because it is a little easy and you can download it on any Android phone, even if it is weak. 

There are just some points of difference that we will explain now:

First, the game of PUBG It only works on high-end Android, PC and iPhone phones Requires 2G large storage (2GO) capacity 100 players or warriors Aiming is difficult and requires precision Excellent, clear, high-quality graphics and the company’s ambition to develop the application Adopts a large and vast map of different buildings and places Weapons, aircraft, and tools used do not differ much. Using the control buttons is difficult, and requires speed and accuracy

Second, Free Fire game Free Fire game works on any normal or weak Android device It does not require a large storage capacity of only 490MB (490MO Only 50 players Aiming at the target is very easy Excellent graphics also not different from PUBG It adopts a map that is not bad. The hiding places are houses and factories. Weapons, gear, and planes only differ in colors and shapes. Control is easy. To us, we have finished explaining the difference between the game, February and Free Fire. Bye.